Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Season For Everything

It has been a while since I updated. I'll make this one short and sweet. Currently, I am in LaGrange visiting Eric, Linds, and Virginia. Tonight, Linds got a night out on the town. She has traveled to Atlanta to go to the Cheesecake Factory with some friends leaving V with Eric and I. This brings me to the title of this post. First of all, I cannot wait to be a mom. It has truly been all I have wanted to do forever. I want to be a wife and mom so badly.....BUT the Lord is sweet to remind me that there is a time and season for everything.

Lindsey got dinner mostly ready while I played with Virginia this afternoon. Let me preface this by saying I am not retarded in the kitchen. I am by no means Paula Dean but I love to cook. Lindsey turned on some peas and said "Just watch out for them cause they are on high right now and you can turn them down in a few...." So, I am playing with V and the next thing you know....the peas are about boiling over. I run to turn them back to take care of V. :) Then, Linds leaves. I got to experience mommyhood with a 1 year old. I don't know if I thought it was easy or what certainly is draining!

Virginia is on table food now. I get dinner all ready while playing with her and then get her ready to eat. Naturally, she is just not feeling the table food tonight. Even those foods she normally loves are just not doing it for her tonight. So...back to baby food for the night. No harm done. :) Then out for an errand with daddy....home for a bath....the last bottle for the day...and off to bed. Done right? Nope..time for dishes! :) It's crazy and fun and exhausting. I can't wait to be a mommy but I know that the Lord has my days planned out and He knows that right now......I am just not ready. :) I love that He knows His daughter so well!

All that said, I love this little peanut and we have had so much fun! She brings me so much joy and is worth any exhaustion I felt tonight! Now, I know how Linds feels. (kinda!!)

On a different note...I can't wait to see my boy on Saturday! It has been far too long! Oh, and I turn the big 22 on Sunday! Exciting. Hope your week has been fabulous!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Fairhope Tradtion.....Take 4

During our freshman year of college I met a new friend. Well, Julie and I were already friends and then Julie met Sarah and they became roommates. Sarah, Julie, and I pretty much instantly clicked. During that year we started some pretty great traditions. Among our traditions was a trip to Fairhope the weekend before spring semester finals. We would go and get dinner at Gambinos and then head to the Fairhope pier and take pictures. We kept this tradition up.....until this year. They were graduating and I was heading to Africa so somehow....we just didn't have time!

Well, Sarah has decided to move back to the place she called home for 11 years, Kazakhstan. So clearly this means we will not be together for a very long time. Sarah is going to teach 2nd grade at a school there which is so incredibly exciting. Those kids are getting an amazing teacher! The plan is for her to be there for 1 year which is sad but I love it because Sarah is so confident that this is where the Lord has her. I am excited for her! With that said, we got to spend the last weekend together. All three of us spent the night together on Friday night and on Saturday our Fairhope tradition continued for the final time.

We had a lot of fun but it was definitely our most interesting night in Fairhope. We headed over and we were so excited about Gambinos. Unfortunately......when we arrived, we discovered that it was changed. There was a whole new name and we were not happy. Haha. We drove around for about 20 minutes and then finally decided to give this old place with a new name a try. It was basically the same! After dinner we headed to the pier to see the sunset. It has been beautiful every year.....BUT........not this year. It was still a pretty night but unfortunately, no sunset. It was just too cloudy. Strike 2. :) After taking a walk, taking pictures, and getting in the fountain, it was time to head home. Then Sarah says, "Oh my gosh. I don't have my keys." Strike 3. Luckily, she knew they were in the car and I had AAA. After about 45 minutes of waiting and singing every disney song imaginable.....he arrived and helped us open her car. Victory. We were on our way.

The night was so much fun. These two girls have been such huge blessings in my life. The year that we lived together was one of my most fun and memorable college years. We all had so much fun together and I know we learned a lot. Then I had the privilege to live with Sarah again. Those two years were filled with so much joy, some tears, good times, hard times, singing and dancing, a lot of learning, TONS of LAUGHS, and million memories that I wouldn't trade for the world. Luckily, Jules isn't leaving me yet! I love you girls so so much!

Here is a picture from each year of our little tradition. I'd like to think we grew up a little but I don't think I've changed much! :)
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recovery, Resting, and a Recipe

Well, the last week has been nice. After surgery I had lots of time to rest which was great and also frustrating. I don't sit for days at a time very well but I was pretty sore so I was a little more content to do so. I am feeling much better and hoping to even get to play some tennis tomorrow night!
On Thursday I finally felt like getting out a little bit and I guess there is something about sitting and not doing anything for several days that made me have an itch to get back in the kitchen. So...I pretty much cooked dinner on Thursday...Pork chops, mashed potatoes, and english peas. Yum.. Oh, and for mom found a recipe for Ice Cream Sunday 4 Layer Chocolate Cake. Love it. I thought I'd share the recipe because it was oh so good.
You'll need:
-1 box of Devils Food Cake Mix
-1 Small box of instant chocolate pudding mix
-4 eggs
-1/2 cup water
-1/2 cup canola or vegetable oil
-1 heaping cup of vanilla ice cream (or any flavor you choose)
-1/4 cup hot fudge sauce
-Chocolate frosting of choice

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Place cake mix, pudding, eggs, water, oil, ice cream and hot fudge sauce into an electric mixer. Beat on low then medium for about 1 minute 30 seconds or until well combined and thick. Divide evenly into 4 (9 inch) cake pans that have been generously sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until toothpick comes mostly clean from center. Let cool completely, loosen sides with a plastic knife then remove from pans. Place bottom layer onto a cake stand, spread with your favorite chocolate frosting....repeat until 3 layers are frosted leaving the 4th layer on top. Frost the remaining top sides of cake with frosting. You can also use a vegetable peeler and peel a chocolate bar to get curls and then place the curls on the side. I used chocolate chips because I didn't have a chocolate bar to make curls with and it was great! Enjoy!! It is delicious but crazy rich!
Hope your weekend was good to you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gallbladder-less Update

So my surgery was pushed back from last Wednesday to this past Monday. I checked-in at about 10 and my surgery started about 12:30. I don't remember much.....they gave me some good meds. Mom and Amy were there and Amy pretty much documented me on meds....what a sweet sister. Surgery went well and I am just recovering now. I am definitely still in some pain but it is nothing too terrible...I have caught up on some reading but mostly done a lot of sleeping. It has been pretty relaxing and I have had a pretty good nurse. Thanks Mom! Hopefully, recovery will not take too much longer. Thank you for all of your prayers! They are appreciated! Hopefully I will be back to normal in no time! Hope you all are having a good week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 8, 2009

This was a very special date for our family. It was the day a precious girl entered the world. The first great granddaughter, the first granddaughter, and the first niece. She was bound to be a spoiled little girl. On Thursday she celebrated her 1st birthday and this weekend we traveled to LaGrange to celebrate with her at a special party just for her!
Virginia Louise, you have no idea what an incredible blessing you are to our family! You have brought so much joy to all of our lives and we are so thankful that the Lord blessed us with such a perfect, happy, healthy baby girl! I remember the day you were born. Unfortunately, I was on a different continent. You were supposed to hang on just a couple more days for me to get back! But, the Lord obviously had other plans. I hated not being there more than I can tell you! I remember hearing that your mommy had gone into labor. I remember getting several texts throughout the day updating me on your progress. And...I also remember talking to your daddy that night you were born. I remember him telling me how great your mom did and how perfect you were! He was so proud and I could not wait to meet you!

We had such a unique meeting. Being miles and miles away we had to get creative. We had a special skype date when you got home and you were just as perfect as could be. Finally, on July 16th I got to officially meet you! Your parents surprised me and I was so excited to finally hold you! Since then, you have been bringing me as well as the rest of our family so much joy!

Here are some photos from her special weekend. Unfortunately, this sweet girl got sick for the first time all year on her birthday. Smiles were few and far between cause we had a fever but she was still as precious as ever.
Sweet girl
Oh her many faces!
Precious little baby...
Daddy and V playing..
Mommy and Daddy gave her a wagon...
No detail was overlooked....
Yeah....Not sure what her wedding cake will look like? :)
She's 1!!
Yeah....we were party animals
Aunt Amy gave her some colorful ping pong balls!
I just don't know??
Sweet family
LiLi and JimPa gave Virginia that beautiful chair she is sitting sweet!
Brett and Mom
Mangs and Pudge!
We didn't get to dive into the cake like we wanted to...she was just not feeling too good..
My boy even came to see me!! Oh but check it out...story of my life....he is checking out the tv....sports fanatic!
But....I still love him!!
She just loved her wagon!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Land of the Free and the Home of the..Sick

Hello to you and yours! I hope that your 4th has been more eventful than mine. That's has been an unfortunate day at my house. I was so looking forward to a relaxing Fourth of July in the pool. I was in Brazil last summer so we really didn't celebrate :) I spent the day on the couch. I have developed a cold in the last 48 hours and let me say....I don't do well being sick. I absolutely hate it. I hate spending the day on the couch, I hate not being able to breathe, and I hate the constant headache. I did get to spend some quality time with the Lord this morning which was wonderful and I did get out briefly for a meal with the family.

I also had a front row seat to one of the best firework shows. Our neighbors put on a ballin' show every Fourth of July and every New Years Eve.
Woo Hoo!
Jeff and Mangs

My sweet parents...
Technically, we are celebrating the 4th tomorrow since everyone is off. I am hoping I will be better by then. I would covet your prayers that I would feel better because I am supposed to have surgery on Wednesday and do not know if they will let me go in if I am sick. I do not want to put it off! Well, I am off to bed shortly if I can sleep through the continued fireworks show going on outside....
Happy Fourth of July!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bittersweet Day

Yesterday was a good day. It was also a sad day. It was my last day at the summer enrichment program that I participated in for the last 5 weeks. Parents came, we had a ceremony/program, and students said their goodbyes. It is amazing how much I fell in love with these kids over the last four weeks. I hated to say goodbye.

Our fourth graders did such a great job with their performance as well. I am unbelievably proud that I got to work with such an amazing program. The experience I received was one like no other. I think I mentioned before that they were giving four scholarships to the girls they selected. I was honored to be one of the recipients. What a blessing and what an honor. I have been so encouraged by all that this program has given me and the support that I received.

After the program was over the staff and I cleaned out our rooms and celebrated at Buffalo Wild Wings. I was so lucky to have such a fabulous group of people to work with. We had so much fun.

After we finished our lunch I headed home and Brett and I went on a swim. I feel like I haven't gotten to really enjoy our pool this summer. The program has been so time consuming but now I can relax for a bit! I am thrilled. Brett and I cooked dinner and enjoyed a movie together. It was a nice night to just chill. Sadly, it was his last night in town but we enjoyed spending time together. little off subject.

A couple of weeks ago I finished my book for June. This book was a reread. I love Francine Rivers. Most girls are obsessed with her book, Redeeming Love, and while I love that one, I have to say that The Atonement Child was better to me. I know, I know. Everyone thinks I am crazy. I think I love this one because it addresses an issue I am passionate about, abortion. It is a story about a girl who is raped and then has a choice to make. There are lots of details that go into it but I won't spoil it for you. Girls, read it!

Well, it was going to be a day in the pool but it is looking like it might just be a rainy day. Either's a good day. I am off to a breakfast date with Brett before he leaves....Have a wonderful Saturday folks.
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