Saturday, April 30, 2011

he & she (april 2011)

:..he and she..:

They were not very busy this month....

She bought a wedding dress
And it is gorgeous!!
He is counting down the days till graduation
They booked their wedding venue and photographer
And are pretty much thrilled with both
They went to phenix city for spring break.
They celebrated their Savior's death and resurrection!

She got up EARLY to watch the royal wedding.

He was sweet enough to come over and join her....
They are thinking their wedding will be better! :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

The Princess of Quite A Lot

That is what my mom has always called me...It's a Mary Engelbreit thing. Amy was always the "Queen of Everything," I was the "Princess of Quite A Lot," and Sam was the "Prince of Whatever's Left!"

This morning, I woke up at 4:30 to watch the royal event take place. Honestly, I haven't been counting down the days or anything and it was pretty much a last minute decision but I am glad that I did. Brett even came over early to watch it with me! How sweet is he? I mean....he watched like 45 minutes and then fell asleep least he came! :)

I mean....she was beautiful. I have to say, I don't think that Prince William is that good looking (sorry ladies!) but Kate, she is stunning, elegant, and so classy. It was a beautiful wedding! 

Her dress....oh her dress. I LOVED it! I mean....I don't know what I expected but it would have been so easy for her to go SUPER modern but I thought it was just the right balance of tradtional and modern for this future queen! 

In a little over 6 months....this will be me! I might be partial but I am thinking mine will be better than Will and Kate's! :) It will be perfect and I can't wait...

I'll leave you with this.....Here is another princess who was excited for the royal wedding as well!

Happy Weekend!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wedding Planning...So Far, So Good

Wedding planning so far has been slow but good. I guess things don't really speed up until closer to time. We have gotten some of the big things done which is wonderful! Our photographer is booked and we met with her last week! She seems wonderful and her work is AMAZING! I cannot wait to work with her! Check out Alisa Lynn

I also have my dress!! Well, I won't have it until September but it is ordered!! I love it! Like, it needs to get here now! :) We are also pretty sure that we have a venue but this isn't 100% yet! If it is excited about it! 

I also wanted to share how I asked my girls to be in my wedding since they have all been asked now! Well, my sweet friend Sarah from Kazakhstan hasn't been officially asked...but since she is so far away we had to settle for a facebook invite! I got the idea from Elise Joy. Same basic idea with a few changes. I got these Paper Source envelopes. I thought about getting smaller ones but because I knew I would be able to deliver each one to my girls, I opted for the ones that would hold a regular 8.5x11 sheet of paper. I slipped one envelope into another so that it opened up like this...I used a tape runner to tape down the other flap on the back.

I had five different sheets of paper. One talked about each girl, one was about when and where, one was about the dresses (etc.), and the last one was a letter to the girls. 

I slipped them into the envelopes like this...

This is what was on the front..

 And the back...

Because we are having a fall wedding I decided to tie up the outside with raffia. 

They are maybe not quite as cute as the original idea that I saw but I loved them and was excited to give each girl their invite!! 

So as you can see....a good bit of the "big" decisions have been made which is great!

Only 203 days to go! haha. :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

Spring Break has been wonderful. We got back from Phenix City on Wednesday. I got to spend a day or so with my niece and sister-in-law which was so wonderful! They are now picking up Amy, Jeff, Eric and the rest of the team that went to Uganda! They are back and I am so excited! They had an amazing trip and I can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures!!

Last night, Brett and I made a spur of the moment trip to Dauphin Island. It was so nice to drive and just be together.

As we are almost there a friend called and said a group of our friends were getting together to watch The Passion. We rushed back so that we could hang out and watch. While that movie is not always easy to watch, it certainly is good to remember what He suffered for us. Although I am sure that this movie is a good picture, it probably doesn't compare at all to what He suffered for us. 

Brett found this video and I thought I would share. I am so thankful that He willingly came to this earth, lived a perfect life, died, and even faced the full wrath of God all for me.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break...Just In Time

I think it is hilarious how different spring break is now that I am out of high school and college. It used to be about the beach, friends, and lots of late nights. Now, it is about rest....that is all. This one will include family, fiance, some wedding plans, and resting. I am thrilled. 

I am glad that Brett and I get to spend some time together. Right now we are in Phenix City visiting his family. Even though it is not the beach, it is wonderful to get away and be with his parents. 

I will get to see my niece this week and will definitely be by the pool some during too. I am so thankful for this time.

While I am thinking about it, please be praying for my sister, brother, brother-in-law, and the rest of their team that is in Uganda this week. They got there on Friday and will be there until Thursday. We have talked to them and I am so encouraged by what they have said. They seem to be doing great and I am confident that the Lord will bless their time!!

The Lord is doing some big things in my heart. I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit who convicts and a Father who forgives and loves me so well. I am learning a lot.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekends....I Love You!

This weekend was so great! They always fly by so quickly but this weekend, we soaked up every minute. We rested and relaxed, stayed out late, and spent time with great friends. We actually acted like we were still young and not the old, do homework, lay on the couch and go to bed early folks!

On Friday night Brett had to work but afterwards we went to a late movie. We went to see Soul Surfer. It was so good and I highly recommend it! Saturday, we rested and then had plans to go and have lunch with my dear friend Katherine and her husband Blake. We never get to see them so it was so great to hang out and catch up on life and wedding plans!! After about three hours we headed home! I told you...we had lots of talking to do! :)

Love you sweet friend!

Last night, we went and spent time with some friends who we have just gotten to know this year. Corey and Maggie are new to Mobile since the fall. They invited us over to their beautiful home and cooked us a wonderful dinner! It was such a fun time of fellowship and we cannot wait to do it again! Thanks Corey and Maggie!

As for today, we didn't have church this morning. We are having a church service/picnic tonight at Camp Grace! It has been a relaxing day so far! Brett and I are ready to embrace this work week because as of Friday we begin SPRING BREAK! We cannot wait!! 
Hope you have soaked up your weekend just as we did!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Not Getting Caught Up

Well, I don't know why blogging has been so slow lately....not much to say? That can't be true because I'M PLANNING A WEDDING!! Haha. Well, hopefully there will be more posts soon both wedding related and life in general. This post will be a bit of both. 

Wedding plans have started being made and it makes me so excited. There are many things that have already been checked off the list. Dress...done. Photographer...done. I have loved making plans so far and some of you may be surprised by that. During my sister's wedding planning process I determined in my mind that I didn't care about details, she and my mom could make the big plans, and I wanted ONE shower. haha. Everyone told me, "You might feel differently once it is your wedding!" Ok...ok....I have changed my mind. I am really enjoying this planning process so far! In fact, I have found that since being engaged, I check my email over and over again. I tell myself, "Laura, between now and the 10 minutes that have passed, you have not received an email!" I also could spend hours on Etsy, Pinterest, and Style Me Pretty. Mom, Amy, and I talk about plans for the ceremony and reception and I cannot wait to make it all come to life.

However, lately, I have been feeling a bit guilty. I have no doubt that the Lord is all about weddings. I have been convicted about my time and how I spend it. I want to be balanced in all aspects of my life. I am excited about my wedding...but more than all of the little details, the dress, the flowers, etc., I want my wedding to be glorifying to the Lord. I want it to be an expression of Brett and I's love for the Lord. I want people to see more than a beautiful dress, pretty flowers, and fun details. I want the gospel to go forth and for people to see Christ in our wedding. If there is one thing you can pray, it is that Brett and I would both keep our eyes fixed on Christ during this planning process and that our decisions would glorify Him. Don't worry! I'll keep you updated on plans!!

"Let us rejoice and be glad and give Him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and His bride has made herself ready." --Revelation 19:7

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