Thursday, June 30, 2011

he & she (june 2011)

:.. he and she ..:

They had a very busy June...

They spent some time in LaGrange with Eric, Linds, and V

Then traveled to Phenix City and to north Georgia with the Kittrell family...

He did a lot of projects around Eric and Lindsey's new house and his own house....

She has really been enjoying her Bible study through the book of Daniel...

They began the process of registering.....

She thinks it is way fun and a tad stressful.....

He just likes the gun.... :)

She is still on the job hunt...


They are so thankful that the Lord has provided this!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Week With V

Two weekends ago, Eric and Linds moved into their new house. We got a good bit done that weekend but there was definitely still a good bit of unpacking, cleaning, organizing, etc. to be done. Well, when you have an almost 2 year old, that can be a bit challenging! So, we offered to take V home with us for a week of fun at LiLi and JimPa's house! We swam, shopped, played hard, ate, and had so much fun with this sweet girl! We also decided we would have pictures made of her. That didn't work out so well but Amy and I felt that we might could get at least a few decent ones! Between she and I and about 400 pictures, we came out with plenty of great ones! Here are a few of the pictures we took at Springhill College....
The trees make for a pretty backdrop...
"CHEESEBURGER!!!" Her favorite thing to say when having a picture taken!
Sweet girl...
Lovin' her LiLi
I know....I know..... :)
Reading her books....
She is just beautiful!
She loves her aunts!!!
And we love you too little peanut!! Cannot believe we will be celebrating your 2nd birthday in just a few days!! Sorry for all of the was tough to choose though! 

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Vacation With the Kittrell's

Wow. It has been a busy few weeks. I got back home last weekend but didn't stop because we brought sweet V home with us for the week. But, more on that later. The two weeks before I was with my future in-laws. No, we didn't get to go to Costa Rica but we still made the most of our time together. 

We headed to the mountains of north Georgia for a few days and also made a quick stop in Chattanooga and went to the aquarium and walked around. I really loved downtown Chattanooga. It was so pretty and seemed like there was so much to do!
Brett took on the challenge of finding us a cabin in Georgia so that we could get away for a few days. He definitely delivered. It was BEAUTIFUL!! (I didn't take any pictures of it nice.)
While we were there we were able to do a lot. We went on a hike and had a picnic at a beautiful waterfall....I loved it because I got to take pictures which I like to do...just a bit. :) We also stayed in some, grilled out, fished, and went tubing down the river! 
May not be a hiker but I look the part....right?? :)

Drew is pumped.... haha
Around our cabin there were deer EVERYWHERE!! I mean..usually 5 to 10 in our yard. It was crazy. On the last day we were there Brett got a biscuit and the deer came really close. It doesn't take much to excite me so I thought this was great!
The few days to get away were great! It was fun to spend time with family and rest after a stressful couple of days with Brett's grandfather in the hospital!
I will be back soon with more updates! Sorry for the being a blogging slacker! The weeks are flying by and are so busy it seems!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Selfless Servant

It's true. He would never admit it but he is exactly that.

Dad, thank you for just being there. Thank you for loving mom so well and providing for us. People say that Brett reminds them of you. Well, I am thankful for that and I know that he has a lot to live up to in the years to come!! 

Thank you for showing me what it means to seek the Lord first in every decision. Thanks for instilling in me the importance of having a relationship with Christ. Thank you for modeling that for me. 

I love that you work from sun up to sun down. I love your love for Alabama football. I love your gap. :) I love that you can fix anything and everything. I love that you serve. I love that you love Christ and love and lead your family so well. 

You are the best. There is so much more I could say....even though you wouldn't want me to! I love you dad and I am so excited for you to walk me down the aisle in a few months!! 

I had this picture from a while back and took a similar one recently of dad and V and thought it was so cute. Look how she has changed and dad has lost some hair! :)

Happy Father's Day Daddy! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer....In Full Swing

I was not expecting to update for a bit because I am supposed to be in Costa Rica right now.....However, plans have changed. Brett and I went to LaGrange this past weekend to visit Eric, Linds, and this precious girl you are about to see a million pictures of. I feel like it is okay that I usually post a million pictures in my blog posts because I have been told by some that no one reads the writing anyways....haha. So here is our weekend in LaGrange to start.... Oh, and mom and Mangs, these are for you guys.....
Playing in her pool...
Cheesin' big time!!
Virginia showing us her "cold" face!
Mommy's kitchen toys come in handy!
Sweet little angel
I mean......melt.
AHH!! Time for some Monkey Joe's!!! haha
Silly V..
Jumpin' with Aunt Lou
V looks chill....Daddy looks nervous on this slide...
Her favorite place ever....haha
I have no words....
Don't think she should be going down the slide this way.... haha :)
Blurry but cute.. She is loving it!

After the weekend we headed to Phenix City. We were supposed to be leaving to go to Costa Rica on Wednesday. Brett's grandad was put in the hospital on Sunday so plans changed and we knew we couldn't go. Please keep him in your prayers over the next few days!! I have to say....I cannot complain too much. Although Costa Rica would have been wonderful, we have been enjoying our time here. Swimming, shopping, hanging out, and today we went out on the river.....Hey, when life gives you lemons right?
Hey Drew....
Cute boy...
Besides.....I think, I am more of a river girl anyways. I love to travel, I really do. But, I am such a homebody. Being on the river in a boat just screams summer to me! I love the water so I am completely content to just ride and jump in and swim for hours!
A beautiful day...
Anchoring out to swim....nice Brett...
A storm coming our way....
Yes. I cannot complain at all. It has been a fun couple of days here and I know it is exactly where we are supposed to be! I have loved spending time with Brett and his family!

One last thing....Bayleigh has put up a couple of previews from our engagement shoot with her. She did such a fabulous job! If you need pictures taken....she is WONDERFUL!! I cannot wait to see the rest and will post more as I get them!!

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