Monday, February 28, 2011

he & she (february 2011)

:..he and she..:

He has settled into student teaching and is almost halfway done.

She is unbelievably proud of how he has handled the stress of coaching, student teaching, and life.

He has done it with more grace than she did! :)

They made a weekend road trip to Phenix City to see his parents.

He celebrated twenty two years of life.

She is glad he was born! :)

They celebrated their third Valentine's day together.

She had a family vacation to Disney World.

He finished up his second season of coaching/assisting the Lady Bulldogs basketball team.

They have had some good "life talks" and are both enjoying what they are learning with BSF.

(Inspired by Elise Joy)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Final Disney Days

I'm sorry. I promise after this to stop putting up pictures of my sweet niece for a while. Wait...she is coming to town next weekend...Umm..We shall see. She is just adorable though. 

The last two days at Disney were a little more low key. We did some shopping and then took Virginia to the playground at the hotel, where I snapped a million pictures. Our last day we went to the Magic Kingdom again. Here are a few of the last batch of pictures from the week....


 Aunt Amy was blowing bubbles for her!

 So beautiful... Florida. The weather was perfect!

Try and tell me she isn't the most adorable little girl!

A little blurry but she was playing football with daddy.... :)

This trip was so much fun! This little girl is an absolute joy with the BEST personality! She is so happy all the time! It was such a great week with my family and nice to get away! Alrighty....I am done. Thank you for sticking around as I showed a whole lot of blog love to this sweet girl on our family vacation!

Hope your weekend has been restful and fun!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chef Mickey's, Animals, and Fun

Today we went to breakfast with the characters! Everyone who is anyone was there.....Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto!

 Eating a Mickey waffle!

Happy Birthday Linds!

Sweet girl!

Then we made a quick trip to Africa and saw some animals.....

Hello Simba

Then we went to the Lion King show which was FABULOUS. We have a friend, Diana, who was a Jr. Miss that stayed with us a few years ago, that works at Disney. She dances and does many different shows. Today was Lion King and she got us VIP seats and a meet and greet with the cast. So fun!

Tonight we are heading to Epcot...Miss Priss is gonna stay home and get some rest tonight with LiLi and JimPa! Thankfully, we have a restful day planned tomorrow!

Magic Kingdom and Tampa

On day 3 of Disney we headed to Magic Kingdom! This was so much fun for Virginia because most of the rides are ones she can go on. Mom was pretty excited too! Here are some pictures from Sunday and Monday... adorable does she look at Disney!

Riding the carousel  


Our favorite mouse couple!

Hey sammy

Cute dad....

Waiting for the parade

Classic mom

Loving the parade...

And....the electrical parade...

How cute is her minnie shirt Aunt Amy made for her!

Yesterday we went to my Aunt Amy's house. She lives in Tampa. It was so good to see her and my uncle and cousins and also my grandmother who we affectionately call Ding Dong.

We rocked some Just Dance...

My brother...

Get it Linds and Eric!

Sorry for the millions of pictures. And.....there are more to come! 

Happy Birthday to Lindsey today!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Memories Are Made

I am almost certain that I forgot to mention that I was going to Disney World with my family! I cannot believe I failed to mention this detail. On Thursday we left and went about halfway. This is Virginia's first trip to Disney World! Because I enjoy taking pictures of her and I want her mom and dad to be able to enjoy every minute of her, I have taken it upon myself (along with Amy) to document her vacation and her first experience in the most magical place on earth! Over the next few days I'll be sharing mostly pictures and a few words about what we are doing. This is easier than trying to update when I get home! 

So here is what we have been up to the last couple of days...
 So sweet...with JimPa and LiLi

Ready to swing!

Pretty girl

So grainy....but she is presh

Sliding with Aunt Lou

And daddy...

Downtown Disney for dancing....


Day 1: Hollywood Studios

Meeting Minnie!

So sweet!!! She LOVED her!!

Breakfast with Manny and Oso! Mickey waffle!!

Handy Manny and Mangs....haha

Oh hey mom!! (She was more excited than V!)

BEST parents EVER!!

Kiddos! When did we all grow up? Gracious!

Sliding with mom!

Lovin from Sammy!!

What a fun first couple of  days! She loved it and had so much fun! 

Hope your Saturday was just as wonderful!

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