Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Happy Day--Mr. and Mrs. Pictures

One of the disadvantages of not seeing each other before was that we had to miss out on some reception time by taking pictures. Clearly, we didn't seem to mind. Not seeing each other was the best decision for us and it was such a special moment when we saw each other for the first time! So, here are some of our Mr. and Mrs. shots from after.
One of my favorites :)
Look at that smile!
We loved some chalkboard signs that day! :)
Love birds! 

Another favorite. I had amazing photographers, who I have to give a shootout too real quickly. Alisa Lynn shot my pictures with an assistant. They have now launched their new business TOGETHER as High Cotton Photography! Match made in heaven! Book them! They are FABULOUS!!

Next up, last post about reception and leaving!


  1. I LOVE the black and white one of Brett kissing you :)) It was a gorgeous wedding and I'm so glad you have awesome pictures to help remember every moment!

  2. Love them all but especially love the one where your veil is blowing up! So pretty!

  3. Thanks Jessica! I love that one too!

    Jodi, the one where my veil is blowing up is blown up in our bedroom! I LOVE that they captured that!!


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