Monday, April 2, 2012

he & she (march 2012)

:.. he and she ..:

She helped assist her very first wedding with Bayleigh M. Photography

And had a blast doing it!

He was very disciplined and got up early and ran many mornings

She barely blogged at all

He ran his first 10k and first race ever

She took a lot of pictures! 

They were both really busy with work. 

She did a few projects around the house...

He (and jeff) built and planted our garden

And he built a coffee table!

They found out they are having a NIECE in August! 

Sorry for the lack of posting's not for lack of interesting things to post about but life is just busy! April is sure to bring fun and exciting days! Brett is on spring break and I will be in a couple of weeks! We will be road tripping to Atlanta in a couple of weeks! Mangs and Pudge finally decided on a name for Baby Jacobs!! I don't want to reveal it! I'll let Mangs do that but its precious!! :) This is also the month of Baby Charlotte's arrival!! AHH!! SO SO SO EXCITED!!!

Have a happy happy week!!

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