Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Two Words: Jag Bikes

When South started school last week I kept seeing facebook statuses about Jag Bikes and I got curious. After finding out more, I was totally bummed that I had graduated and not gotten to participate the fabulousness that is a jag bike. haha. Well, Julie and I hadn't hung out in a while and we made plans to last week. She said, "Well, have you heard about Jag Bikes?" To which I responded, "YES! Let's do it!"  haha. I knew I could count on her. I had to document this because we just went and found them and road around. So much fun.
Jag Bikes are Jag Smart! Totally.
They are pretty much awesome.
Love you friend! Thanks for a fun afternoon! We will do it again soon! Oh, and Sarah, we missed you!!


  1. please explain to me a jag bike! lol is it random bikes around campus that anyone can ride? haha

  2. yes! They brought 500 bikes and students put them together (so you can imagine the quality) You can pick on up, ride it, and drop it anywhere. When I say anywhere, we found them EVERYWHERE! You gotta make sure you find one that is still in tact but all in all, a fun experience. haha.


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