Monday, August 1, 2011

Twenty-Three and Blessed

Today I am officially twenty-three. The celebration started this weekend when family was all together. Eric, Linds, V, and my cousins were all here. Since my birthday is the 1st and hers is the 3rd we celebrated together!  
My parents got me my mixer. Wow. Being excited about this must mean I am getting old! :)
Eric and Linds got me some plates and tervis tumblers with a K on them....I'm excited to be adding a K to my monogram! 
Brett always asks me...."Does everything have to be monogrammed?" My response....."Yes!" 

Today I woke up and soon after Brett came over with Chick-Fil-A, flowers, and a present.
He got me my cake stand from my china!

We had a fun day and night! It is always good to be with family...
Sam showing us some tricks...
Uh oh...trick and a fail...
Brett, Palmer, and I...
Thanks for the platter Mangs!! I LOVE it!
Love you Mangs!

All in all....a great day! Cannot believe it was my last one as a Blackman! 

I am thinking my twenty third year will be the best one yet! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Laura! Looks like it was a great one! Love all of your cute gifts! A mixer is definitely something to get excited about! :)

  2. Thanks Natalie!! I was definitely excited!!

  3. Hi Laura! I found your blog through my sister, Natalie (simply living). =) I love reading it, you are so encouraging and always keeping life in perspective! It really speaks to me! Also, I'm engaged and planning my wedding coming up in April so I can relate to a lot of your post recently! I was wondering where the adorable monogrammed platter you received for your birthday came from if you don't mind me asking! Thanks!!


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