Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Let me just say, this blog contains a million pictures...but according to some, no one READS the writing anyways! :) 

For those of you who are unaware, something very exciting happened this weekend! On Sunday, Brett asked me to marry him and I SAID YES!! I cannot even explain how thrilled I am and how ready I am to be his wife!

Now, without further adieu...here are some pictures and our engagement story:

My whole family was in town this past weekend which was wonderful! A couple of weeks ago Brett and I had already planned to go to Fairhope. We have done this before so I obviously thought nothing of it and we hadn't been on a date in a while so that is why we planned! :) We were going to go eat and go by the water to take pictures. I really like to do that in case you didn't know. 

So, after church we head across the bay and eat at California Dreaming. We hung out around and shopped a little and then headed down by the bay! It was kind of a hazy day but we started just taking pictures and walking around...

He doesn't even look NERVOUS..does he?? 

 Little did I know......Brett's roommate who is a far better photographer than I am was there the whole time to capture the event! THANK YOU JUDSON!!!! 

We walked out on this pier and took pictures and talked for a while.....He said some sweet things and before he asked said, "I'm going to need your purity ring to give you some new bling!"

Side note: When I was 12 or 13 (don't exactly remember when) my dad took me out on a very special date. The reason for this date was to explain sex to me. (lower your eyebrows...pick your jaws up off the floor!) My parents knew that it was so important for us to not view sex as this nasty, terrible thing that we should NEVER do! They wanted us to know God's view about sex and what God's Word had to say about it. On this date he gave me a ring that he had special made for me. It had three question marks on it and three hearts surrounding a diamond. The questions are to remind me, "Does it honor God? Does it honor others? Does it honor myself?" I haven't taken it off since that day, until now. I have a replacement!!

 "I have to ask you the most important question of your life....Laura, will you be my wife?"
 Umm....shock. Absolute shock. I had no idea!!! I obviously knew it was coming but had no idea that it was that day!!


He did so great and completely surprised me!!!


Okay...so I love my ring too!! :) 

Are you serious? You've had the ring how long? :)

So happy! So many questions! haha..

Oh....Judson is here.. HEY JUDSON!!



Then....we headed home....

We had a party waiting for us!!! ((My mom when I called her!!))

I don't know what I thought this get together would be like but with my family......I should have known!!
This is what I see when we pull up.....

We're HERE!!!

So many sweet friends there!!

And then.......the kitchen.. NO DETAIL WAS OVERLOOKED!!

Our beautiful cake! 

There were little diamond rings attached to each balloon!

Amy, Linds, and mom did such a great job!! Actually, I know everyone played a part in making this party so special for us! 
We felt SO LOVED!!

 Our parents gave us a big basket full of books, wedding magazines, kitchen stuff, and some towels with my new monogram!!

LOVE these!!

 Then we headed outside to take some pictures....
Looking a little rough....tired but so happy!!

I am so blessed to have such unbelievable parents!!

My parents and FUTURE INLAWS!! 


 Brothers and sisters!! (minus Linds and Eric)

And....of course a couple of pictures of the ring......

Isn't it beautiful? I am in love! He picked it out all my himself!!!

Family and friends, THANK YOU all for making this day so amazing!! We both felt so special and so loved!! Each of you that were there Sunday have played such an important role in our lives!! Thank you for praying for us and loving us both so well!!

Brett, thank you for being so thoughtful and making me feel like the most important girl in the world! Sunday was perfect and you definitely surprised me! I love you so much and cannot wait to be your wife!!

((If you stuck with me THANKS! Hope you enjoyed our story!))


  1. It has been such an incredible pleasure and privilege to raise you. What a godly young woman you are. We love the way you love the Lord. Brett, you are the man we have been praying for all her life. We can't wait to see how you two will glorify Him as you plan your wedding. Sunday was oh so fun! We love you! Mom and Dad

  2. Brett is truly a persistent man, and now his persistence has paid off! It's obvious to everyone that you two were made for each other. Thanks for sharing your story with us. We are all witnesses to the goodness of God as we watch this story of grace and beauty unfold. You are His workmanship created for good works in Christ Jesus. We love you.

  3. yay yay yay!! The pictures tell the story in and of themselves. Thank you Judson and Pudge for being the photographers!! Lou I'm so excited for you to get to share in a marriage. Marriage the the most beautiful and hardest thing all at the same time. I;m so thankful that yours and Brett's entire relationship has been one centered around Christ and I pray that will never change. We love you and can't wait for the BIG DAY!!! XOXOXOXO

  4. Oh how precious! I seriously cried through most of this blog... call it pregnancy hormones or just knowing how precious and special this was for you guys! Love you and can't wait for your big day! What a wonderful life change!

  5. oh my gosh!!!!! you know i read EVERY WORD and gazed at EVERY PICTURE! I so wish i could've been there to SEE YOU BOTH! But i'm so glad that I got to "relive" it all through these pics :). Such a sweet precious story. I love you so much my lou lou! I'm SO SO SO EXCITED for you two!!!! seriously! Can't wait to talk to you! love you bunches my dear friend!!!!


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