Monday, March 19, 2012

It's A...............

This past weekend we finally were able to find out if Baby Jacobs was a boy or girl. On Friday family and some friends gathered for the big reveal! We were all so excited! We even skyped in Kara, Emma Kate,  Eric, Linds, and V! 

Pudge and Mangs certainly planned things out well. They had a scavenger hunt set-up all over mom and dads house! I took pictures and Brett did some videoing so I put it all together into one. (P.S. Editing a video takes forever...I am not so great at it! haha) 


We are so excited about Baby Jacobs arriving in August!!


  1. I just LOVE the idea of baby reveal parities prior to the baby being fun! Love this video to capture it all fun!!! My guess was a boy prior to watching the video...I was wrong, but oh SO happy for you! So exciting!!! Congratulations!!! :) :) :)

  2. love it Laura! Great job on the video!

  3. You out did yourself!!! What a wonderful video!!! You made a memory the coolest thing!! I did notice Dr Jim had a blue shirt on that day! lol Go team pink!!!! Great job Laura! and Congratulations Amy and Jeff


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