Monday, February 20, 2012

On Blogging

So I have seen a lot of different blogs in the last few years. People blog for various reasons. When I started this blog it was because I was heading out of the country for 2 months on a summer project to Brazil. I was going to keep everyone updated on my summer and the things that God was doing and teaching me. I have to say, that kind of flopped. Between 21 other people needing to use the internet while we were there and just personally wanting to "be" there and not on the computer the whole time, it flopped. I started this blog on May 2, 2009 and only wrote 9 posts in the span of 7 months. 

So, when 2010 began I made a resolution to blog more consistently and in the last two years it has only grown. No, I don't post every single day and there are certainly weeks where I might not post at all. However, I feel like this is something I am starting to get better at and I really love posting. I never want this blog to be something that consumes me. That is why I do not post everyday. 

So why do I blog? I blog mainly to keep track of big things in my life. I love taking pictures and this blog allows me to share them. I love my family and I get to share stories and memories. I occasionally get to share a recipe or a craft. I get to share the things in my life that are good and the times that are hard. The Lord is constantly teaching me new things or convicting me of new things and that is something I enjoy sharing. 

I blog because I get to share pictures of memories like this..
Exciting news like this......

 This little girl going from this........
 to this.....
 Excitement for friends like this.....
Sharing accomplishments like this...

Good things that the Lord is teaching me like this.

And the hard things too like this.

So, blogging has been a fun thing for me. My goal above anything else is to be transparent. I don't ever want it to look like I have this perfect life. I always want to be real about the things that I post. 

So that is my ramblings for today. Thankfully, Brett and I have a week off together. We couldn't be more thrilled but I will say, the days go by much more quickly when we are home as opposed to being at school. But, we plan on enjoying this fun week! 


  1. Love the new layout :) Super cute!
    I totally second everything you said. Love reading your blog!

  2. Thanks Summer! I am teaching myself so it is certainly gradual but I'm learning a lot! :) I LOVE reading yours too!!

  3. Wow Laura, this really is your life! Beautiful memories to keep <3


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